Quick tour

This is a brief tour of Loudoun County's mapping website, WebLogis, to get you started.

  1. Start the Web mapping application from the URL you have been given.
  2. If you have a wheel mouse, zoom in on the map by moving the mouse over the map and scrolling the wheel forward a few times.
  3. Pan, or move around the Map Screen, by clicking and dragging on the map. The pan function is the default tool, active when the application starts.
  4. In the Toolbar, click Zoom-in tool Zoom In, then click and drag on the map to draw a rectangle, and release the mouse button. The map zooms in to the area of the rectangle.
  5. Display the Map Contents, if not already visible, by clicking the Map tab in the Console. Expand a data group to see the corresponding data layers by clicking on the plus box beside the group name.
  6. Click the checkboxes next to the data groups and individual layers to turn them on or off. The Map Screen will update to reflect the visibility settings in Map Contents.
  7. In the Toolbar, click Identify Identify and select the Data Group and then your layer of interest. Then identify the feature by clicking it on the map.
  8. Find parcels and addresses by clicking the Search tab in the Console and selecting your search task. Results will be displayed in the Results tab after the Search function is complete.
  9. Explore other content and tools in the map. We hope you find this application useful and fun!