Search for features

This Web mapping application allows you to search for and find Loudoun County addresses, assessments, and parcels through multiple Search options.

Search tasks

The Search tasks are located in the Console part of the mapping application. Click on the Search Tab to show the Search options.

Tab - Search

Clicking the title bar of the Search type will open the available search options, described as follows:

The Find Parcels within a Distance searches are limited to specified distances. There is a distance limit of 5280 ft (1 mile) for generating the buffer distance. If fewer than 50 parcels are returned from the Search, all of the parcels are labeled with the PIN. If there are more than 50 parcels, none of them are labeled.

In the Results tab for the Find Adjoining Parcels and Find Parcels within a Distance searches,  the option exists to either See Assessments or Get Owner Address List (internal only) for all parcels checked on in the results list. When you click the Get Owner Address List button (internal only) , a new box containing the PIN and Owner Address list opens. This list can be copied or printed.