Getting Started

WebLogis enables you to explore a map and find information useful to you.

How it works

The Web Mapping Application page has four main parts:
  • Links, along the top, to this Help, Contact Information, a Start Over button, and other Loudoun County websites.
  • A Toolbar, above the Map Screen containing:
    • Pan Pan, or move, around map
    • Zoom in Zoom in or Zoom out Zoom out
    • Zoom Full Extent Zoom Full map extent
    • Previous view Zoom to previous extent or Next View Zoom to next extent
    • Identify Identify features
    • Clear map of graphics Clear Map
    • Print map screen Print Map
    • Pictometry Pictometry imagery
  • Map Screen, on the right, shows the main map.
  • Console, on the left, contains tabs for choosing Map layers, performing Searches, Tools to interact with the data, and viewing Results.

Working with the Console

The Console consists of four Tabs:

Click the title bar area of the tasks within each tab group to show/hide the contents of the tasks:

The Console area can be expanded or contracted:

Working with the Map Screen

The Map Screen displays all the data layers that are turned on in the Map Contents.

The scale level slider in the upper left corner of the Map Screen controls the scale intervals in two ways:

There is an Overview Map available in the bottom left corner of the Map Screen: