Explore the map

Using the Toolbar

The toolbar allows you to interact with the map by clicking on the map with a tool. For example, if you click in the toolbar on the Zoom In tool, then draw a box on the map, the map will zoom in to the area.

You can also interact with the map using the keyboard. Also, see Using the mouse for tips on using the mouse to interact with the map.

To use a tool

Note: Some tools do an action immediately. These include Full Map Extent, Previous Extent, and Next Extent.


The tools in the toolbar allow you to perform the following actions:

Name Icon Description
Pan Pan tool Click and drag the map: Click and hold the left mouse button on the map, and drag the map. The map will be recentered, with the location dragged at the location you dropped it.
Zoom in Zoom in tool Click and drag a rectangle: Click and hold the left mouse button down on the Map screen at one corner of the area to zoom in to. Drag the mouse to the other corner to draw the rectangle, and release the mouse button. The map will zoom in to the area within the rectangle.
Zoom out Zoom out tool Click and drag a rectangle: Draw the rectangle the same way and the map will zoom out so that the current map area will fit into the rectangle drawn. The smaller the rectangle you draw, the more the map will zoom out.
Full extent Full map extent Full extent: Immediately zooms the map out to the area of all features and layers. The active tool does not change.
Previous extent Zoom to previous extent Previous extent: The map returns to the area displayed previously. Similar to the browser's Back button, but specifically for the map. Up to fifty previous extents are stored when the map is zoomed or panned. If the button is disabled, you are at the original extent in the extent history.
Forward extent Zoom to next extent Forward extent: The map displays the next extent in the list of stored map extents. This is only available after the Previous Extent button has been clicked. Up to fifty extents are stored in the extent history. If the button is disabled, you are at the latest extent in the extent history.
Identify Identify Click to identify: Click item on the map with the left mouse button after choosing the appropriate Data Group and Layer. An info window displays information for the clicked feature(s). See Identify features on the map for how to use the identification information.
Clear Map Measure tool Clear Map Screen: This tool clears the Map Screen of highlighted parcels, PIN labels, Measure lines, and Measure polygons that are displayed. Any Map layers that are turned on will not be removed.
Print Map Toggle overview map Print Map Screen: This tool prints the view that you see in the Map Screen. See Printing for additional Print options.
Pictometry Measure tool Click to open Pictometry: Click a location on the map to open Pictometry imagery for that location.