Pictometry oblique aerial imagery

Use the Pictometry tool to get a better view of a location with oblique aerial images.

Note: Pictometry can be accessed from the Main Toolbar View Pictometry Pictometry -or- in the Tools tab under Aerial Imagery.

To view Pictometry Imagery

  1. In the Toolbar, click the View Pictometry Pictometry button.
  2. Or - in the Tools tab of the Console, click the title bar Aerial Imagery and select the Pictometry Oblique button.
  3. Click on the map to view Pictometry images for that location.

    View Pictometry

  4. Use the compass tool in the upper left to switch between oblique views or view from directly above.
  5. Use the left and right arrow buttons to view different shots and years of imagery.
  6. Click the Layer tool Layers tool to turn on/off layers.
  7. Click the Export tool Export tool to export to PDF format.
  8. To close the Pictometry window click the close button Close box in the upper right corner of the box.
  9. The Pictometry tool remains active until another tool is selected.