Latitude and Longitude

You can use the Latitude/Longitude tool to display a coordinate location on the map. The Latitude is the North coordinate and the Longitude is the West coordinate.

To find X,Y coordinates

The Measure tool allows you to find the X,Y coordinates of a point clicked on the map. Coordinates are given in VA State Plane and Decimal Degrees.

To locate a Latitude and Longitude coordinate

  1. In the Tools tab of the Console, click the Latitude/Longitude title bar.
  2. The Latitude/Longitude diaglog box expands to show two formats for entering the coordinate location.
  3. Select option DMS (Degrees, Minutes, Seconds) or Decimal Degrees, as the coordinate value for the same location will be different for each option. (Conversion information and programs can be found on the Internet.)
  4. Enter values for DMS or Decimal Degrees.
  5. Click Submit to display and zoom to the coordinate location on the Map. Only coordinates that fall roughly within the county boundary will be processed.
  6. Click the Reset button to clear the existing coordinate information from the Latitude and Longitude boxes.

Lat/Long box