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Frequently asked questions and troubleshooting

When I open the website, all the map layers do not appear on the map or are not listed in map contents.

Click the Start Over link or try clicking the browser's Refresh button to restart the web application. If the error continues, please report the problem to the website administrator.

Sometimes the callout box for "Find Parcels within a Distance" appears to be pointing to an adjacent parcel.

Some parcels that have a "C" type shape will cause this effect. The highlighted parcel on the map will be the parcel you requested.

How do I get a map to print out to scale?

Using your Internet browser, try doing a Print Preview of the page and set the page orientation to "Landscape" and set the view to "100%" instead of "Shrink To Fit". See Printing for more options. Please note, we will be upgrading printing in the near future.

Known Issues

Using tools that require clicking on the map are not working.

This occurs only in Chrome. Please try a different internet browser. We are monitoring this issue. Please contact the website administrator to report any changes.