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Legend (COL/Environmental)

Soil Point Features (0)
Gravelly Spot Gravelly Spot
Borrow Pit Borrow Pit
Clay Spot Clay Spot
Swampy Swampy
Made Land Made Land
Rock Outcrop Rock Outcrop
Sandy Spot Sandy Spot
Sinkhole Sinkhole
Spring Spring
Soil Sample Site Soil Sample Site
Stony Place Stony Place
Terrace Capping Terrace Capping
Wet Spot Wet Spot
Soils (1)
Soil Drains (2)
Topography 4ft (3)
Index Index
Intermediate Intermediate
Index Obscured Index Obscured
Intermediate Obscured/Null Intermediate Obscured/Null
Virginia Scenic Rivers (4)
Floodplain (6)
Minor Floodplain Minor Floodplain
Major Floodplain Major Floodplain
Potomac Floodplain Potomac Floodplain
Hydric Soils (7)
Hydric Hydric
Hydric Inclusions Hydric Inclusions
Watersheds (8)
Broad Run Broad Run
Bull Run Bull Run
Clarks Run Clarks Run
Direct To Potomac River Direct To Potomac River
Dutchman Creek Dutchman Creek
Limestone Branch Limestone Branch
Lower Catoctin Creek Lower Catoctin Creek
Lower Goose Creek Lower Goose Creek
North Fork Catoctin Creek North Fork Catoctin Creek
North Fork Goose Creek North Fork Goose Creek
Piney Run Piney Run
Quarter Branch Quarter Branch
South Fork Catoctin Creek South Fork Catoctin Creek
Sugarland Run Sugarland Run
Upper Goose Creek Upper Goose Creek
Wetlands Model (9)
Predicted Wetlands Predicted Wetlands
Forest (10)
Wooded Area Wooded Area
Scrub Wood Scrub Wood